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all these rotten coils

Anonymous asked: "head's definitely spinning now, yeah, haha. thanks for clarifying about the angel lore, though, it really helps. c: great fic, too, by the way"

My pleasure — and thankya! :D

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ominous-musings asked: "So you're in Austin then, probably? I had to go to high school in New Braunfels, and the experience was so traumatic that I had to run away to California and pray to Godstiel that no power on earth could every force me to return."

For five years now! Best move ever. It’s like another world entirely. Haven’t spent much time in New Braunsfels; it’s one of those “drive through often but rarely stop save as a meeting place for lunch” places for me. A bit too red, I take it?

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rebelchester asked: "I didn't know where you were from, but I was reading your tags on the musical episode and you talked about caterwauling and carrying a tune in a bucket with a harness and I just knew you had to be a touch southern. It amused me. I'm from Bama."

Oh just a might tad bit. ;) Yup, I’m a San Antonian who escaped, but only an hour up the highway, so I’m pretty well-steeped in this region’s particular dialect.

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So the musical episode sounds like it’s going to not be Sam or Dean or Cas singing but rather actors in a play, based on the description in this interview. And in one sense I’m sort of disappointed because I rlly wanted to see them all singing but in another sense I’m even more excited? If this episode were being written by the Bucklemming or Klein I would be dreading it, but Robbie’s always been really careful to not come off as mocking the fans so if anyone can do this right, I think it’s him.

But it sounds like they’ll be working a case in this episode? So I’m assuming Dean will still be a demon but more under ~control by that point and attempting to get back to ~normal, at least for a little while? I wonder how Cas will fit into all of this tho, since we know Misha will be in the episode. Maybe tagging along Hunter Heroici style? I really hope so, I just need to see his reaction to said musical pls and thank you Robbie.

also we’ve heard TFW singing and it’s terrifying

Anonymous asked: "do you know why people draw archangels with six wings? i thought it was seraphim who have six."

You’re correct, seraphim are the ones with six wings; cherubim have four, and traditionally archangels, like common malakhim, have two, but so do higher-ranking angels such as Dominions.

Among the SPN lore and fandom, though, the lines between choirs somehow manages to be jagged and blurry all at once:

  • Castiel, a self-described seraph, has always been depicted on-screen as having two wings, whereas in real world mythology he’d have six. However, he was mid-high-ranking, which is sort of a blend of Jewish and Christian angelic hierarchies (in the former, they’re fifth highest; in the latter, they’re at the top).
  • Corollary 1: Prior to the S7 clarification that he’d been a commanding officer in Earth’s garrison and the S8 specification that he’s a seraph, a sizable portion of fandom portrayed him as nothing more than an upstart mal’akh.
  • Corollary 2: Gnosticism’s description of seraphim based on a more literal treatment of the name is that of a flaming serpent or dragon.
  • Most rank-and-file angels, presumably malakhim, have two wings, which does match up.
  • Zachariah described himself as having “four faces, one of which is a lion,” so he was a cherub, and he did have four wings. However, he outranked the seraph Castiel, while seraphim outrank cherubim in Jewish and Christian lore (in the former they’re ninth of ten, in fact).
  • Conversely, Uriel was originally a very closely-ranked subordinate to Castiel, though the four wings he left in ash when he died suggest he was a cherub too.
  • Archangels aren’t all that special in real-world lore; they’re basically just the biggest, baddest malakhim, which compared to the Jewish ophanim or the Christian seraphim is still almost the bottom of the ladder. However, real-world lore names Michael and Gabriel as archangels, so when SPN chose to make them the chart-toppers they appear to have also run with the idea that more wings is a signifier of higher rank.
  • Corollary: Lucifer’s hierarchical status in RW lore varies. Depending on the tradition or sect you might find him called an archangel, a cherub, the highest and most beloved of all angelkind, or an unremarkable mal’akh who got too big for his britches. This is further muddled by his conflation with the Talmudic archangel Samael, who in turn is described in Gnosticism as a serpent, which is closer to their description of seraphim, which in older lore had…six wings.*

Is your head spinning yet? ;)

*And on a completely self-serving note, this is exactly what led to some ridiculous wordplay in one of my fics.

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Anonymous asked: "Hey, how's Fred doing? :)"

I inquired for you on lunch break:



For those who hadn’t seen, Fred is a rescue dog who was literally thrown out of a moving truck. He’s been rehabilitated and was about to be adopted out as a therapy/service animal for a traumatised veteran, but hip dysplasia made him wash out. Fred does have a new home – that’s his boy there with him (idk it just seemed sensible to “blur” the kid’s face) – but he’s in need of surgery before the disease cripples him. Here’s Fred’s GoFundMe!

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Tom’s Monday Meta Digest, vol 48: 21 July 2014

oh well I guess this is late as hell, sorry :/

Essays on Tumblr

Meta Projects

  • DrSilverfish is calling for representation-related meta written from queer perspectives.

Still want more? Be sure to check my recommended follow/reading list and past issues of the digest. And as always, feel free to recommend articles, authors, project, and events!

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I did not know centipedes were capable of stinging. Feck.

yeah man they’re aggressive, venomous predators — their first two legs are big fat stingers called forcipules and they’ll sting the shit out of anybody and anything they can stab with those goddamn things

we’ve got a species here in Texas that gets 6” long but the one i killed tonight was an inch or so

demon bugs, i’m telling ya

Centipedes are fucking terrorists.


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"oh summer is so great yay july summer 4evar" well i just had to kill a fucking centipede with a baseball bat before it stung the shit out of a too-brave cat so you can cram your summer where the sun don’t shine 14 hours a day

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Anonymous asked: "can i just say i can read your metas for HOURS, seriously you made me think of things i would never have thought of, just, good work!"

That’s a good bit of its purpose, after all. Thank you!

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finishing up a commission - natasha and clint from avengers - and then doing naked destiel cuddles for the rest of the stream

drawing dean and cas now

ash is doing the thing and i’m pretty sure someone has a handful of butt

Anonymous asked: "Your fandom posts are a frosty gust of sanity on my dash."

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Anonymous asked: "thanks for the reminder that sam/dean aren't soulmates and don't share a heaven bc that shit always annoys me that the fandom kept saying that. like.. did you not watch the episode. did you not see how the episode painted how neither of those things are the case at all yet you somehow got the idea that both things are true. ash said one thing but.. like.. the whole episode showed the viewers that was not the case yet... ??? fandom how2"



I can only figure those folks are just really, really, embarrassingly bad at algebra, because the episode showed us that a != b and b = c but somehow they arrived at a = c. Somewhere a math teacher is sobbing.

I’m all for different interpretations of media but that particular “reading” is just a straight-up mathematical failure.

Or we could be the ones paying attention. Why did Ash need to use a sigil to HIS heaven, but Dean could freaking drive to Sam’s? It is Winchesterland, but that doesn’t mean there can’t different parks therein.

Calculus, MF.

CASTIEL: (on TV) It’s called the Axis Mundi. It’s a path that runs through heaven. Different people see it as different things. For you, it’s two-lane asphalt.